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Water Bottle Buying Guide


Water is an essential part of our day to day lives as we cannot do without it both at home and in the industries. Drinking water to be precise is an important requirement for the proper functioning of the human body. It is for this reason that doctors recommend a minimum of eight glasses of water in a day. At times it becomes hard to access safe water in some places, and you will be required to carry your own water from a trusted source. Choosing the type of water bottle, you are going to use now becomes a big deal because it is supposed to blend in with your daily activities.

Tips on how to buy the right water bottle


When considering the appropriate container you will carry your water in, all that crosses your mind is that you will be able to enjoy drinking your water at your convenience without having to make the slightest movements. One aspect most people forget to look out for is the design of opening the bottle will have. You would not want to splash water on your dress while in the office or worse still struggle to get water out of the bottle since you do not have enough breath to suck water from a bottle. As a result, always remember to look for a bottle with the right opening for wherever you will be using it.


Various people have their different hydration requirements depending on the amount of water being lost from the body. The size of a water bottle will ultimately determine the amount of water that it can be able to carry. At times we would want to restrict ourselves to carrying small bottles as a way of reducing baggage but also, you should not restrict yourself when you know you need a lot of water.


sdfgetsryxdcfryvgThe weight of a water bottle is always a major concern especially for athletes and people going on hikes. This is because if too heavy, it may lower your speed. Aluminum and stainless steel bottles are known to be some of the heaviest bottles. You should, therefore, consider how heavy your bottle will be and the challenges it may pose.


A water bottle is meant to store water, but with the current technological advancements, you find that they have been modified to be able to do many different things. This is why you will always need to consider what you are planning to use it for before actually buying one. Whether it will be used for brewing tea, carrying water around in it or a collapsible one, it will require some thinking.